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"Smoke on the water"



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"Smoke on the water"

Release : 05.03


Good news: it is allowed to dance to Rock music again! Better news: in the club, officially, no more secretly! And the best of all: Señor Coconut, the Mambo wizard from Santiago de Chile, is giving this permission to dance!

"Smoke on the Water" has been produced by Deep Purple in the beginning of the 70es. One may be surprised about the fact that this song ­ which is leading the Pop Heritage of the World ­ has not been covered by several music producers since long. But the pressure having to devote to a serious arrangement of this successful world hit had impeded everybody accepting this challenge up to now ­ to the Señor's momentous decision to succeed to this estate by releasing a new multiColor single.

Here the master expresses his respect for the sacrosanction of this title by presenting a breathtaking latin adaption. The Mambo alternative of "Smoke on the Water" rocks every dance floor of passion! The theme, having been taken over by the incredibly well-tempered Coconut brass section, is sweeping straightly into all supple parts of the body.

The single "Smoke On The Water" is the first excerpt from the new album "Fiesta Songs" to be released in May 2003 which will be the occasion for an extensive european summer tour by Señor Coconut and his orchestra. "Fiesta Songs" will not only unite further cover versions of famous Pop songs of most different styles of a piece but will also fuel ­ with fiery compositions by his own à la "Electrolatino" ­ the longing for travelling abroad as well as the dance fever.

Those who are out of breath already now need a refreshing exotic rum drink before listening further. Since the "Smoke"-versions of the remixers demand the dance offensive:

King Britt, the disco king being resident in the whole world, delivers a funky ten minutes translation which helps finding the partner for life during the growing spring while dancing on the House volcano.

Pink Elln und Dandy Jack of Sieg über die Sonne are whipping up each other in their version full of crazy sounds. Their explosive Electrofunk proves that it is definitely possible to go further than a transformer station, a spaceship captain or a Godfather of Soul would ever allow ­ the physical power supply is supernatural!

Swayzak banks on discreet arrangements: the deep, swinging slider is having the vivacious brass section spellbound in a hypnotic bubble. The wind players never want to stop moving in circles around themselves so that the dancers are able to get intoxicated with the pure, powerful sound.
(Only on Vinyl available!)

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